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Lt. Col. Todd Epp


Lt. Col. Todd Epp has been a CAP member since September 2009 and commander of the SFCS since June 2016. He is qualified in a number of emergency services positions, including Incident Commander, Ground Team Leader, Airborne Photographer, Mission Observer, and Public Information Officer. He also serves as the assistant legal officer for the South Dakota Wing. He has received specialized training from the USAF and other organizations in managing missing person searches. Epp is a lawyer by education and a broadcast journalist by profession. Epp has worked and lived in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is married to 1st Lt. Donna Osment-Epp, who have two adult children, Sarah and Matt, and four grandchildren, Micah, Eden, Owen, and Ava. Todd and Donna live in Harrisburg, S.D.

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